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Plug & Play

Installs easily and discretely. It’s durable, secure and entirely self-contained. This fully featured OBDII provides full vehicle telematics operating with a extended battery back up technology.

Mobile Phone

A cost effective alternative to installing GPS tracking devices in your vehicles. Leverage your existing mobile device by tracking your Fleet or mobile workforce and know where they are 24/7.

Battery Operated

Operating on the industry leading tracking platform our asset devices are energy harvesting that support long term remote deployments without the need to replace the self charging battery.

Wire in Applications

An easy to install multifunctional wired configurable GPS tracking device that can be used for permanent deployments to track equipment, containers, trailers and anything imaginable.


A powerful water resistant GPS locator designed for lone worker, vehicle, pet & asset tracking solutions. Size and ease of use makes this device ideal for rapid notification and deployment.

Tracking Platform

Fully functional cloud based tracking platform that provides Simplicity, Visibility & Control across any size fleet delivering an increase in productivity and overall value to your business.

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