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Vehicle Tracking

Keep workers accountable, reduce operating costs, increase effectiveness and improve customer satisfaction. Reduce harsh driving, speeding, incidents, and insurance costs. Maintain your fleet remotely and reduce breakdown.


Equipment Tracking

Manage all portable assets with our easy to use geofencing tool, with custom alerts that provide visibility to assets entering and exiting a designated area. Know when any peace of equipment or asset moves.

Power or no power.


Personnel Tracking

Protect your most valuable assets with the most reliable FndIT tracking system. Know where they are and dispatch resources accurately and efficiently. Multiple solutions to provide piece of mind in any situation.

People - Your greatest Asset

Mobile Device

Handheld Tracking

Mobile devices are a vital part of everyone's life. Track those devices and know where the critical information is at all times. Simple solution loaded onto Android and IPhone in seconds. Utilize existing devices on FndIT tracking system.


Increase productivity

Improve Customer Service

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce overtime

Promote driver safety

Reduce fuel costs


Speed Alert

The device can be set to alert you when the vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit of whatever road it is currently travelling on.

Inventory Management

Our solution allows supply chain professionals to take proactive actions to ensure that production facilities continue to operate without interruption, material shortages, or expedited-shipping charges.

Driver Behavior

The device tracks the rate of deceleration/Acceleration of the vehicle, a major indicator of aggressive driving, and alerts you when the vehicle exceeds a safe threshold.


The device can be configured to alert you when the vehicle travels into, out of, or both in and out of a customizable area. This can be useful for tracking employees with specific locations they must visit, or a teen driver on their commute to and from school.

Maintenance Alerts

Easily schedule maintenance reminders at regular intervals by either time passed or miles traveled for each vehicle. This feature makes it easy to keep on top of maintenance for both individual vehicles and fleets of any size.

Idle/ Dwell Time

The device can be configured to alert you when the vehicle has been left stationary with the ignition on/off, which can be expensive and wasteful.

What our customers are saying

FndIT's solution/platform provided visibility to our fleet delivering an increase in productivity and efficiency by lowering our fuel cost.

Atlanta GA - Customer

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